How to Win and Win Big at the Casino

How to really win and win big at the casino? The answer is a combination of many things.

First, of course there is the house edge, which makes the casino beat you. Just like every coin toss, if you hold two heads you will eventually hit only about 50% of the time. The casino gets their edge right along with you. Just like playing blackjack over the long period of time will not lead to a win because the dealer has the edge, the longer you play the casino the more likely they are to beat you.

Second, you must realize that the odds are not really in your favor. Sure, sure, you can’t see the pattern, but the numbers are usually stacked against you. Just like in the coin toss example, there are going to be times when you will lose and times when you will win. Of course, in the long run the casino is going to win more than you will, but this is the raw truth.

Third, do not really expect to win. This is the best thing that can happen to you in the casino. I know, I know; but this is the truth. You can sit there, pour over the rules and the odds, but if the casino is the sucker for your time and money, then walk away and enjoy your life.

4, This is the REAL problem. Do not chase your money. This the number one tip for faking your way to victory. Do not spend more money on the parking, food, drinks, show tickets and other nonsense. Go into a casino and lose all your money, then walk out without playing another chance. It is really that simple.

5, Do not be afraid to lose your money. If you are a $100 player, and $100 is not enough to win, you may have a gambling problem. If you are scared to lose, you do not have a problem. Ignore the naysayers and do not heed the advice of the half-baked “experts” and go at your own pace. Make your own decisions and when you are finished, take pride in your accomplishment.

6, Have a plan. Start out with a low number of bets. A low number of bets is a day at the races. A day at the races should not break your bankroll. Your first bet may be the day’s low, but if you win you move on to the next. Betting low numbers keeps you in the game longer.

7, Walk away from the table. When you are losing, and losing badly, always walk away from the table. Watch the next day. If you are not able to come to terms with your losses, do not think twice about walking away from the table. You will still be impaired by the experience, and it will hurt you.

If you can leave the casino as a winner, do so and do not think twice about it. You may be betting only marginally, but you have enjoyed your time at the casino.

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